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The founding vision for CityWest was for a local company to provide communications services for Prince Rupert. After 100 years of service, that same vision holds true and has expanded to include both communications and entertainment services. The legacy of the founding vision is a company that has a direct impact on the local economy through job creation, charitable donations, infrastructure investment, shareholder dividends, municipal taxes and more.

CityWest has such a profound impact on the communities we serve is because we are locally owned and locally based. We live and work in the same communities that our customers do. 
Our local distinction is what makes us unique, and our greatest competitive advantage. CityWest continues to reach out to local communities that we serve, allowing us to be more accessible to our customers. We call this strategy “Neighbors serving Neighbors.” Neighbors serving Neighbors is a key component to an aggressive strategic plan for moving CityWest forward into a promising future and our next century of service.

Through this historical timeline we trace our roots from the vision of several citizens to form a telephone company to what has now become a full-service telecommunications and entertainment provider.


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