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Meet some of our amazing staff. They will go above and beyond to give you the best CityWest experience possible.



Aimee Qualizza
Customer Service Representative
Employee for 2 years
Employees like Aimee, who was born and raised in Terrace, are proud to work at a company that was built in the North. Like her, we grew up here, and we know about the spirit of resourcefulness and resiliency in the people in our communities.





Jordan Johnson, Paul Fleming, Stephen Emery
Head End Technicians
Employees for 8, 3, & 33 years
With 44 years of experience between them, Jordan, Paul and Stephen have the know-how to keep your services running smoothly. It’s complicated stuff, but they know the network like the back of their hands.

Cheryl Davis
Customer Service Representative
Employee for 4 years
When you call us, you’ll talk to people like Cheryl, who live and work in the North. She’s just one of many representatives in our local call centre, who wants to make sure you get a superior customer experience with us.



Drew Atrill
Field Technician
Employee for 8 years
Dedicated technicians like Drew work hard every day to make sure our customers get a great experience with us. And he’ll go anywhere – even inside an access panel on the side of a busy highway – to keep our customers happy.

Wade Wesley
Field Technician
Employee for 8 years
Our technicians go to all sorts of great heights to make sure you experience great service with us. And employees like Wade will go the extra distance to make sure our customers are happy once the job's done.

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