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Donation & Sponsorship Guidelines

CityWest is proud to provide sponsorships and donations to local organizations in the communities we serve. Although we would like to satisfy every request, we simply cannot. We use the following criteria to evaluate each donation request. Requests are also based on budgetary considerations, and we caution that meeting all of the following criteria does not guarantee that CityWest will make the donation.


Donations Criteria

  • Recipient of the donation must be from a community we service
  • The request must be related to the areas of health care, arts & culture, sports, education, or information technology
  • The request must include a letter with an explanation of how the donation will help the organization benefit their community
  • CityWest must receive recognition for the donation.  
  • The request must align with the vision, mission, and values of CityWest


CityWest does not provide donations or sponsorship to:

  • Individuals (excludes scholarships)
  • Organizations with either political or religious affiliation
  • Advertising, promotion or telephone solicitations of any kind
  • Retroactive requests


If you would like to request a donation, please send a letter of request to:
Att: Marketing Dept.
248 Third Ave West
Prince Rupert BC  V8J 1L1
Or email to: marketing@cwct.ca

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