CityWest Officially Launches Expansion of Fibre-Based Services in Downtown Terrace and Jackpine

Posted: July 07, 2017

TERRACE – At an event in downtown Terrace, CityWest officially celebrated the completion of a $1 million project to expand its fibre-based services in downtown Terrace.

The event also doubled as a launch of services in the Jackpine area, whose residents will now be able to improve their experience with CityWest services.

“This investment not only improves the experience for our customers in these areas, but it also shows how dedicated we are to the community of Terrace and surrounding areas,” said Chris Marett, CEO of CityWest. “Our team of 80 employees from Northern B.C. has been constantly improving our customers’ network for over a decade.

“And with the completion of these projects, our customers will continue to get a great experience for many years into the future.”

The work on the downtown and Jackpine projects began in April, and they were completed on-time and on-budget. Residents and businesses will be able to use this new technology to access the communication tools they need every day, such as Quantum Internet, great TV services, and reliable phone.

The event was held on the property of Northcoast Anglers, which suffered a devastating fire in April. CityWest partnered with Mr. Mikes to sell burgers at the event, with the proceeds from sales going towards a fund to help Northcoast Anglers get back in business.

“We undertook this project because we’re always helping and investing in the communities we serve,” said Marett. “And, going forward, we’ll continue to invest in Terrace and exceed our customers’ expectations.”

You can tell that the people who work at CityWest are proud of their company. From the technicians to the salespeople, they dedicate themselves to making sure the job's done right, and they're very accessible in case we ever need to contact them.

Tyson & Christine Hull, Mumford’s Beerhouse & Grill
Terrace / Thornhill

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