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All prices are subject to change without notice.

Note: Analog TV is not available in Gitanmaax (Old Hazelton).

​​Channels & Packages

Cable TV for Home-based, Small to Mid Sized Businesses

You can subscribe to cable TV at your business at the same rates that a residential customer would pay. Cable TV service is a great way to provide entertainment for customers in a waiting room, or for your employees in a staff room. Local news and weather forecasts are also useful for a variety of recreational businesses. In order to provide these kinds of businesses with maximum value.

View the channel line-up for your community:

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Note: Analog TV is not available in Gitanmaax (Old Hazelton)

Cable TV for Hotels/Motels/RV parks etc.

CityWest Cable delivers innovative solutions and pricing to businesses like Hotels/Motels, RV parks etc. who cater to tourists or transient visitors. Our customers in this industry benefit from long-term rate guarantees, in addition to all the other benefits of cable tv such as: no equipment required, low service start-up costs, free cable related service calls, good all-weather reception and more. The convenience of cable TV means that you can spend more time serving your guests, and our guaranteed competitive pricing means gives you the flexibility to fix your long-term costs.

Cable TV bulk and multi-dwelling units (MDU)
CityWest Cable delivers innovative solutions and pricing to residential businesses like condominiums, apartment buildings and the like. Offering cable TV to tenants is a great way to attract new tenants, and retaining current tenants. The overall goal, is to assist the landlord in increasing his/her occupancy. MDU tenants often will purchase cable tv anyway and will benefit by enjoying a discounted rate from the bulk cable agreement.

For more information on how cable TV could work for you please contact:

Chris Armstrong, Sales & Marketing Manager
Phone: 250-627-0902

Type: Personal & Business

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We no longer offer analog TV services in Prince Rupert, Terrace, or Kitimat. Customers with grandfathered analog services can click one of the links below to view their channel lineups:
- Terrace/Kitimat lineup
- Prince Rupert lineup

We have had issues in the past but always have a person that has come to our aid and made herself available to contact and help us. We switched all our services back to CityWest last month and the technician was awesome - looked over everything and made sure things were working before leaving. It's nice to have a local company that cares about its customers and goes above and beyond the call of duty - we look forward to the Quantum 125 upgrade in the near future and will be keeping our services local!

Jeremy McBride
Terrace / Thornhill

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