CityWest Launches New Website

Oct 01, 2018

PRINCE RUPERT – CityWest launched a new website today that dramatically improves the user experience for residents and businesses in its markets from Prince Rupert to Houston.

Featuring a sleek design, the website provides customers with an easy-to-read guide to its products and services. It also improves the convenience accessibility to the variety of products and services CityWest offers, making it convenient for customers to find the information they need.

The new website can be found at the same URL as the old website –

“We wanted to build upon the previous version of the website and provide a great experience to our customers,” said Chris Armstrong, Director of Marketing at CityWest. “We hope customers enjoy the new look and improved usability.”

The new website also features a beefed-up support section, which customers can access in case they encounter any problems with their services. And the aesthetics of the new site have a distinctly Northern feel.

The website was also built with future capabilities in mind. “We’re going to be featuring more videos on our website in the future, and this new website will be able to handle the large data that such videos require,” said Armstrong. “We’ve also made arrangements to ensure the loading time for each page is as quick as possible, so there are no lags for the user.”

CityWest is also treating the website as a living document, something that will be constantly improved and refined over time. “We’ll constantly be looking at ways to improve it, and we welcome any suggestions and feedback,” said Armstrong.