CityWest Donates to Regional Food Banks

Apr 14, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, many local organizations that serve the needy have required additional help. With that in mind, CityWest has made a donation of $24,000 to food banks across the Northern region, in the communities in which it serves.

“We know that food security is a top concern, especially among the more vulnerable people who live in our serving areas,” said Tina Lussier, interim CEO of CityWest. “This is just one small thing we felt was the right thing to do in these circumstances.”

CityWest made the donation to food banks in the communities in its serving areas, which covers an area from Prince Rupert in the west to Houston in the east, with a leg south to Kitimat.

“We send our thoughts to everyone in the North dealing with the pandemic, and we thank all our customers for their continuing loyalty during this tough time,” said Lussier.