Board of Directors Announces Hiring of New CityWest CEO

Jul 10, 2020

PRINCE RUPERT – The Board of City West is pleased to announce they have appointed Stefan Woloszyn as the new Chief Executive Officer for CityWest. Mr. Woloszyn replaces Chris Marett as CEO and he will start the position August 17, 2020.Headshot - SW 350x437

Mr. Woloszyn comes to us with significant business experience in both Prince Rupert and across the BC coast. He was the CFO for the BC Pilotage Authority (a federal Crown Corporation) and has successfully developed relationships with senior governments, many private sector companies, the City and coastal First Nations. Mr. Woloszyn has facilitated new business development for multiple companies in the Northwest through his own private consulting practice. He was also previously a senior manager with the Quickload group in Prince Rupert, before working for the BC Pilotage Authority.

Bob Long, Chair of the Board commented: “After an extensive search, the Board is pleased to appoint Mr. Woloszyn as CEO; his positive leadership approach, extensive business experience and familiarity with the North Coast, makes him a great choice.”

Mr. Woloszyn is an enthusiastic individual with leadership capacities to lead CityWest into a successful future. Please welcome him back to our community!