Connected Coast Network Delivers Improved Connectivity to Remote BC Canadian Coast Guard Stations

Sep 29, 2023

The Connected Coast Network and the Canadian Coast Guard are pleased to announce improved connectivity at Coast Guard’s remote Light Stations and Lifeboat Stations. Through collaboration and partnership, the Canadian Coast Guard, the Strathcona Regional District, and CityWest expanded the Connected Coast network to equip 16 remote stations with state-of-the-art fibre-optic connectivity.

The Connected Coast Network is currently under construction, and this summer the design of the network has already provided high-speed internet access for Canadian Coast Guard stations at Bella Bella, Bonilla Island, Boat Bluff, Dryad Point, and Addenbroke Island. Three further sites - Scarlett Point, Pulteney Point and Chatham Point – will be connected this fall.

Improved connectivity along B.C.’s rugged coastline enhances marine safety and modernizes communication infrastructure. Coast Guard personnel will have the added capacity to communicate with internal and external response partners.

The addition of these stations to the Connected Coast Project will:

  1. Contribute to the overall safety of mariners on the coast of British Columbia.
  2. Improve Coast Guard’s capabilities to remotely monitor equipment, systems, and facilities.
  3. Provide staff working in remote locations with more reliable access to online resources and training.

In addition to providing service to Canadian Coast Guard stations, the infrastructure at the sites bolsters the network and will enable the provision of internet services to neighbouring communities. This partnership also provided an opportunity to use funding from Natural Resource Canada’s Grants and Contributions program to install Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) sensors in key Connected Coast locations, including at some of the Coast Guard’s remote stations. The EEW system will provide valuable time to notify residents and critical infrastructure operators of an earthquake.

Overall, improved internet connectivity at Canadian Coast Guard light stations and Lifeboat stations plays a crucial role in modernizing these facilities, improving their capabilities, and ensuring the safety of maritime activities along the BC coastline.

“We are very pleased to partner with the Strathcona Regional District and the Connected Coast Network to bring high-speed internet to our Light Stations and Lifeboat Stations. With many of our Coast Guard personnel working in remote areas all over the BC coast, enhanced connectivity helps us to better serve mariners and remote coastal communities, support safe vessel traffic in Canadian waters, and protect the marine environment.” - Derek Moss, Assistant Commissioner, Western Region, Canadian Coast Guard

About the Canadian Coast Guard
The Canadian Coast Guard operates 13 Lifeboat Stations, four seasonal Inshore Rescue Stations, and a network of almost 4.000 Aids to Navigation – including 27 staff light stations – on the British Columbia coast. Most of these stations serve remote communities and areas of the British Columbia coast year-round as part of a comprehensive network of vessels, aids to navigation, stations and vessel traffic services that keep mariners safe, protect the marine environment, support Canada's economic growth through the safe and efficient movement of maritime trade, and help ensure our country's sovereignty and security through our presence in Canadian waters.