• History

    Through our historical timeline, we traced our roots from the vision of several citizens and formed a telephone company to what has now become a full-service telecommunications and entertainment provider.

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    History - Hands
  • Vision, Mission & Values

    Our vision is to provide the best customer experience in everything we do.

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    Vision, Mission, Values - Krista
  • Management

    Get in touch with our management team.

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    Management - Maylin, Bart, Annie
  • Board of Directors

    Meet and learn more about CityWest's Board of Directors...

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    board of directors
  • Partnerships

    Learn about the organizations and communities CityWest has partnerships with.

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    SRD CC
  • News

    Learn about recent CityWest news and what is going on in your region.

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    News - Joel, Dan, Stephen
  • Community Involvement

    We know how important it is to give back to our communities and keep profits local.  
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    Community Involvement - Stefan
  • Accessibility

    Learn about CityWest's accessibility plan on employment, customer service, and physical environment.

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