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International Women's Day Q&A 2024


Happy International Women’s Day! To acknowledge this important day, we decided to reach out to CityWest employees from various departments and ask questions pertaining to International Women’s Day, and what this day means to them.

For the last 3 years that we have done the International Women’s Day Blog, we have gotten some great answers from our staff. We hope that their answers inspire you and help you to understand the meaning of International Women’s Day and the impact that women have in our lives each day.

Q. What does the International Women’s Day 2024 theme “Inspire Inclusion” mean to you?
A. The 2024 International Woman’s Day theme “Inspire Inclusion” means woman are becoming more involved and apart of the discussion, we have the opportunity to create all-inclusive workplace’s where everyone has a “seat” at the table. It’s empowering to work at a company that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion for all. We want to ensure that team members as well as members of our communities feel valued, heard, and empowered.

 -Brittney, Human Resources Specialist 


Q. What was the best advice you’ve ever received from a woman?
A. “The most impactful advice I've ever received from a woman came from my grandmother, who had always been a stable influence in my life, especially during challenging times. After experiencing a tough breakup in my early twenties, I turned to her for guidance, knowing she did not have the easiest life. As I sat with her that evening, she told me something that has resonated deeply with me ever since. She advised me not to wear my heart on my sleeve. In essence, she emphasized the importance of maintaining a sense of self and not becoming entirely consumed by romantic relationships. Her advice wasn't just about romantic love; it was about preserving my identity and independence in all aspects of life. She reminded me that while it's natural to invest deeply in others, it's equally important to prioritize self-care and self-respect.

This wisdom has stuck with me over the years, shaping my approach to relationships and personal growth. It's a reminder to stay true to myself and not lose sight of my own needs and aspirations in the pursuit of love or validation from others.

In essence, my grandmother's advice taught me the importance of balance and self-preservation, values that continue to guide me as I navigate life's challenges and opportunities.”

-Stacy, Senior Outside Plant Manager

Q. What is your experience, as a woman, working in a statistically male-dominant field?
Women have historically been underrepresented in the workforce and frequently assigned to less important positions than those held by men. In today's business, the perception that women are adept at multitasking is seen as advantageous. ⁠Despite the outdated belief that emotions have a negative impact on decision-making, women have achieved notable advancements in leadership roles. Positive organizational dynamics are largely attributed to the characteristics that female leaders frequently bring to their roles, such as empathy, inclusion, and a collaborative attitude. Growing confidence in women's potential and ability is evidenced by the number of women occupying leadership roles in significant sectors. Increasingly, emotional intelligence—a crucial aspect of leadership in which many women shine—is acknowledged as being necessary for efficient management. Despite being a woman, I have held leadership positions and had the respect of my peers.

-Reilyn, Sales Representative

AWorking in a male-dominated industry has its challenges but as a woman, it drives you to want to work harder to show men that women can do hard labor too and to set an example for the future generation of women going into any male-dominated field.

- Mya, Sales Representative


Q. Do you believe it is important to have both women and men in the technology industry?

Yes. The inclusion of both women and men in the tech industry is important. More than that, it's a requirement for driving innovation and being competitive in the space.

Having both genders represented in tech helps in the development of products and services. Different perspectives and experiences can lead to recognizing unique needs and challenges faced by different demographics. These needs and challenges may not even be recognized in a single gender workplace.

In North America, men vastly outnumber women in the technology sector. When we encourage and support women to enter tech careers, we create a workforce with a more diverse range of skills, ideas, and insights.

-Bobby, Network Analyst


Q. Have you ever been inspired by a woman that you’ve worked with?
A. I have worked with some really strong women, here is one person that comes to mind.

I had a fellow colleague come up from another province to help revamp the store that I was managing as I had been newly hired. She came up from Manitoba and she not only trained me but trained my employees with me. We went through all kinds of horrors from the past leadership, she braved the fridge that we threw away, completely changed the planograms while I trained with her. That was her first store flip and first time training a new manager, she stayed with us for a whole month leaving behind her store, her family, and daily routine to come help with the store I had been newly hired into. It was like Kitchen Nightmares but retail edition. I am forever grateful for her, she taught me things that still stick with me in my every day. She was very caring, hardworking, and transparent.

 - Faith, Customer Service Representative


Q. What advice would you give to women trying to further their careers?
A. “My advice is to constantly continue putting yourself out there and striving for more. Always be pushing to continue furthering your education, even if it may not seem like it benefits you in that moment. Be willing to fail and be willing to have others say no. Use these opportunities to grow. Never doubt yourself, you can do anything you set your mind to. “

- Alex, Executive Assistant