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What to Watch: Barry

Barry 2Barry follows a low-rent hit man from the Midwest who reluctantly takes a job in Los Angeles on an aspiring actor. Following his "mark" into his acting class, Barry finds himself caught up in the city's theater arts scene.

Barry tries to leave his life of crime behind him and simultaneously break into LA's acting scene. struggling to keep his two worlds from colliding. 

Bill Hader leads this comedy as Barry Berkman, a sad and lonely character. Luckily, the talent and charm of Hader are able to turn the brooding Barry Berkman into an entertaining and empathetic lead. Hader is exceptional, and perfectly balances the comedy and drama of this show.

Henry Winkler is also spectacular as Barry's unorthodox acting coach. Both Winkler and Hader were nominated for Golden Globe's & Emmy's for their performances. 

Barry is also supported by a cast comprised of Stephen Root, Sarah Goldberg, and Anthony Carrigan (as NoHo Hank, the best friend anyone could ask for).

Barry 3Few shows will keep you laughing while staying so emotionally invested in the story and its characters. A wonderful blend of dark comedy and drama, Barry is easy to binge TV at its finest. Catch up this weekend before season 2 premieres on Sunday, March 31.

Season 1 of Barry is available on-demand through HBO or to stream on the Crave app.

Our score 9/10    Rotten Tomatoes 99%    Metacritic 83