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Halloween Movies

Halloween movies you should watch this year according to our customers


We asked you what your favourite Halloween movies were, and you gave us some great, spooky answers! For this month's edition of the Western Connection, we'll get into all the guts and glory of your favourite Halloween movies without too many spoilers:

The Descent

Neil Marshall directed a genuinely chilling film called The Descent (2005), which is said to be greatly influenced by other popular horror films such as Tobe Hoopers Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) and John Carpenter's The Thing (1982). The Descent is plotted around six women looking to spend quality time together while adventuring in the Appalachian Mountains, where they decide to hike and explore a popular cave. To throw an axe (pun intended) into their plans, one of the women instead leads the group into a creepy, unknown cave, which is where things turn horrific. From inhuman creatures festering on carcasses, betrayal amongst friends, and copious amounts of blood, this film will surely keep you on the edge of your seat.



The 1988 fantasy-horror comedy, Beetlejuice, takes us into an intensely imaginative world that is plotted around a man and woman who are forever changed after they get into a tragic car accident. The couple must now learn how to navigate the afterlife while trying to save their home from being taken over by a new family. The deceased couple have no choice but to call upon a dark spirit named "Beetlejuice," who wreaks havoc in hopes of scaring away the new homeowners, but things get complicated when the new family's goth-like teenage daughter can see and hear the dead. This film opens a new world of creepy characters while providing laughs for the whole family.


The Craft

This 1996 supernatural horror film directed by Andrew Flemming entails a group of witchy girls who, in addition to their real-life traumas, have supernatural abilities. The girls are viewed as strange outcasts and are bullied throughout the film, bringing them closer to each other when they realize their powers are stronger when they are together. Working as a coven using black magic, they can cast spells to accomplish almost anything until they begin to use their powers for selfish reasons, and the magic spirals out of control. If you haven't watched this film already, grab your candy corn and get ready to levitate into an otherworldly experience while watching The Craft this Halloween season! You can also view Zoe Lister-Jones' 2020 The Craft: Legacy for a modern twist on the original.



The 1998 Halloweentown (original) is a Halloween movie staple in most family homes today. It is based on a teenager's life as she spirals into a new world of magic and monsters after discovering that she is just like all the other women in her family – a witch! Throughout this movie, we learn that being a witch isn't only about potions and broomsticks but also comes with many great responsibilities, like befriending a gobbling and trying to save the entire universe from an evil villain. Viewers will enjoy watching Halloweentown and all the fun and magic that develops between the human world and Halloweentown. Keep an eye out for all the sequels to the original: Halloweentown 2 (2001), Halloweentown High (2004), and Return to Halloweentown (2006).



There you have it- a list of Halloween movies that were recommended by our awesome customers ands staff! Now it's time to grab your candy corn and favourite treats, while you binge on these spooky Halloween movies.