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5 tips to speed up your device

There are many factors that can slow down your devices. Below are a few tips to speed up your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

1. Power Settings

If your device is user a power saving feature, it can slow down your device. This applies to computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

Sometimes it's a battle between faster processing and a longer battery life. If you're running low on battery and away from an outlet, you may have to choose the latter.

2. Close Background Applications

Control-alt-delete: the holy grail for PC users. Launch your task manager and see what programs are running. If you are a Mac user check out the Activity Monitor - Open Activity Monitor from the Utilities folder on your applications folder, or use Spotlight to find it.

If there are any programs or processes running that are unnecessary, shut them off. It's also a good indicator of what background processes are running and how much memory they are using.

This applies to other devices as well. On your phone or tablet close apps that aren't in use. Or don't...I'm not the boss of you. But it will help.

3. Disable programs that run on startup

Just like unnecessary programs that run in the background on your computer, programs that automatically run on startup will slow you down. Not only is it annoying to constantly close these programs each time you boot up your computer, but if they continue to run in the background they will slow down your computer even after startup.

Stop unnecessary programs from launching on default. Depending on whether you are on PC or Mac the settings will differ.

4. Clear Dead weight

If your device's storage is low on space, you could be slowing down your device. Cleaning it out can give you a speed boost.

On your computer delete older files and programs that you no longer need. You can also use an external hard-drive or cloud storage system to store large files (or the 8,700 rapid fire photos of your pet being awesome) that you want to keep.

On your mobile device or tablet, delete outdated apps, old files, and clear your cache in your settings. Depending on your operating system you may also be able to back up files into the "cloud" so they aren't taking up room on your device.

5. Get rid of Bloatware, Adware and Malware

Bloatware or adware can take up CPU and other system resources. They are often subtle as they may have been installed on your computer by the manufacturer. If you aren't sure about a program, look up the name of the program on your favourite search engine and make your decision based on the information you collect.

Run a system scan to detect adware and malware. You can even use Windows' built in anti-malware app, Windows Defender or your own security software. These applications will look for malware and remove it from your device. 

We hope these tips and tricks help your devices run smoother. For specific commands please refer to your device's manual. For more support articles click here.