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Working from home

In the wake of COVID-19, many of us have found ourselves throwing together home offices. Making the change from the usual office grind to working from home can be difficult. So, we're here with some tips to help you thrive from home.

Work from a separated spacehome office

Staying away from the regular distractions in your home is the easiest way to focus. Daytime TV, pets, and family are all great, but they'll make concentration difficult.

Finding a separate space with a door (and even a lock) will help keep your personal and professional lives separate.

Take Breaks

If you take two 15-minute breaks at the office, do the same at home. There might be fewer people to chat with at the water cooler, but it's still important to hit the reset button.

If the sun's out, have a fresh cup of coffee on the porch or take a walk around the block for some fresh air. 

Stay Connected with your teammicrosoft teams2

Using a platform like Microsoft Teams, Skype, or Zoom is an easy way to stay connected with your colleagues remotely. Take the water cooler chats online. It's more personal than an e-mail and a great way to keep in touch.

Maybe even add in a virtual happy hour on Friday to boost morale. 🍻

Make sure your Internet is up to the task

Ideally, your new home office is close to your modem or router. However, this isn't always the case. If you're using a wireless signal you can see our blog on getting the best Wi-Fi signal in your home by clicking here.

Working from home (and having more people at home) can also put additional stress on your bandwidth.You can boost the wireless signal in your home with a wifi enhancer or upgrade your Quantum Internet package.