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Take Control of your Home Wi-Fi Network.

Every year, more devices are added to home Wi-Fi networks, along with added traffic toHomeNet - Support Icon support them. At CityWest, we've launched the HomeNet app, allowing users to take control of their home's wireless network.

HomeNet is a free app available on the Google Play and Apple App stores. Once installed and set up, you'll be able to use a variety of features to organize and manage your network. In this blog we'll only cover the basic features of HomeNet, but there are paid features that include advanced parental & security controls. Please note that HomeNet requires a CityWest router to function.

Manage your Wi-Fi NetworksHomeNet - Blog 2

Easily update the name and password or your home Wi-Fi network. From the home screen select "My Network" to update your details. Routinely changing your home Wi-Fi password will stop unwanted devices from staying connected. You can also create Internet-related puns and phrasing.

You can also set up guest networks to keep guests off of your main network. The networks can be set up for a specific timeframe. Not only will this will ensure your main Wi-Fi network isn't clogged with your neighbour Kyle's devices, it also keeps your Wi-Fi network more secure.

Create and manage user profiles

Beyond network settings, HomeNet allows you to create user profiles and assign devices to each user. 

From the main screen click on the + symbol and then select people. From here you can create a profile for each person in your home and assign their devices to their profile. 

HomeNet - blogBasic parental controls

Now that user profiles have been set up, you have some basic control over how that user uses the Internet. With the free version of HomeNet, you can turn off a user's access to the Internet manually, or create time limits where they are unable to use the Internet. 

So if you want to ensure your child is doing their homework on weeknights, you can turn off their devices access during that time. Or if you want to make your roommate angry and have them curse their ISP, you can turn their Internet access off for fun.

Places and things

Setting up places is very similar to setting up user profiles. You simply create a place in your home and assign devices to this room or area. You won't have the same option to limit devices in these places, but you can still keep your home network organized.


No matter how much control you want over your home's Wi-Fi network, HomeNet allows you to do everything from changing your Wi-Fi name to prioritizing network traffic for specific applications. Next time we will take a look at the advanced Parental & Security controls available with HomeNet Advanced.

Visit www.citywest.ca/homenet or contact us today to learn more. Please note that HomeNet basic features require a CityWest router.

For instructions on how to set up HomeNet click here.