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Take Control of your Home Wi-Fi Network: Part 2

In a previous blog post, we introduced the HomeNet app from CityWest, which gives users the ability to organize and manage their Wi-Fi network. 

The free version of HomeNet allows you to create user profiles, set basic parental controls, and manage Wi-Fi networks. Now we're here to talk about the advanced features available with HomeNet, including security protocols and advanced parental controls.

Never worry about your network or device securityProtect IQ - Security

ProtectIQ provides multi-layered protection to all of your network's devices. Even vulnerable devices like smartTVs, thermostats, and Wi-Fi cameras are automatically protected when they're on your network.

You can keep all of your devices connected knowing that ProtectIQ is working in the background, scanning data coming into your network. Viruses and malicious content is blocked, and a notification is sent to the user.

A lot of devices come into the home without any proper security features leaving your network vulnerable to threats. ProtectIQ bridges that gap. If it's connected, it's protected. 

Take control of what your home is watching

Is your child's YouTube algorithm recommending flat out strange things? Do you have a personal vendetta against TikTok? ProtectIQ's advanced parental controls allow you to block and filter content from different websites and apps. 

Advanced parental controls include 

  • Screen time limits
  • Safe Search
  • Content filtering
  • Preset time frames
  • Pause usage

These filters are done on a user-by-user basis. So you can block YouTube for your kids, but still watch the latest episode of Binging Wish Babish.

ExperienceIQ allows you to control what your home does online.

Keep your online priorities prioritized 

We all use the Internet for different activities, and our priorities are all different. For a lot of us, working from home has to work, so we would rather have our network prioritize "Work" functions over "Gaming" activities.

ExperienceIQ allows you to rank your activities, so traffic is prioritized. You can even schedule these traffic priorities. For example, you can prioritize "Work" from 9-5, thenGigaspire Coverage "Gaming" from 5-9.

Give your most important online activities the most attention when they need it.

Say good-bye to dead spots

Built for the modern home, the Gigaspire router comes equipped with Wi-Fi 6. Our new router allows users to connect more devices, reach faster speeds, and get better coverage throughout their home.

The Gigaspire helps your home network run even smoother, so you have less buffering and less suffering. 


HomeNet Advanced allows to take even more control of your Home Wi-Fi network. For $7.99/month you'll get access to HomeNet, ExperienceIQ, ProtectIQ, and a Gigaspire router with Wi-Fi 6. This whole home package gives you the ultimate online experience.

To learn more about HomeNet Advanced, click here.