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Apps and Websites to Help Plan your Next Vacation/Staycation

Let's be honest; summer vacation can be stressful. With so many ideas on the wish list but so little time for planning, it's hard to organize things. Planning is often tough, no matter if you're travelling on an adventure or doing a simple staycation. To help you reduce the search work and narrow down your options, we listed some of the most popular and useful apps for your summer vacation ideas. 

Travelling Apps


Foursquare City Guide
Foursquare City Guide will be your faithful helper if you're looking for fun activities in a city you've never been to. This app makes it easy to find restaurants and activities. It also has various filters to narrow down the things you want to do in unfamiliar places.


Yelp! and TripAdvisor 
Yelp and TripAdvisor are 2 of the best apps in the Hotels, Restaurants and Tours category. Over 2 million visits make them trustworthy for looking at local favourites. Whether searching for fancy dinner restaurants or needing help finding the best street food, these apps could guide you to where you want to go.



As any pet owner knows, it's hard to plan a trip if you're not planning to take them with you. Rover will show you local pet sitters according to different requests, either for house sitting or simple visits to feed up your kitties.


CityWest's HomeNet Advanced
Wi-Fi security is no joke. CityWest HomeNet Advanced protects all your devices on your network, even when you're away. Every file that passes through your network is scanned. We prevent cyber criminals from accessing your network, keeping your sensitive information secure.




fb event


Facebook Event page
The Facebook event page is a powerful tool to search for local fun activities if you're not planning to travel outside of your city during summer vacation. Whether you're searching for kid-friendly activities, or a romantic date night, you can always find something local and fun to do.

We all love videos and movies for a chill night at home, and YouTube could offer everything you and your family are interested in. YouTube is also a great way to provide entertaining and educational content for your children during the summer break. *CityWest's HomeNet Advanced offers parental control to ensure your kids are not influenced by sensitive content while browsing streaming websites like YouTube.

parental control

CityWest's HomeNet Advanced
We all know that some online content could be unsuitable for children. CityWest HomeNet Advanced is capable of many things, not only can it help you protect your network, it also allows you to manage Parental Controls so you can monitor where your kids are spending time online. We are currently offering 3 months of the premium HomeNet Advanced experience for only 99 cents!