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What’s the difference between 5G and Fibre-Optics?

Both 5G and Fibre-Optics are used commonly to access the Internet in Canada. In this blog, we'll go over the difference in these two service delivery methods.

The term "5G network" refers to the latest generation of mobile communication networks.  

Fibre-optic Internet uses thin glass cables for transmitting data. CityWest copper or “coax” services use copper-based infrastructure but have fibre-optics in part of the network to assist in delivering fast services.

The Difference in Service Delivery

Both 5G and fibre-optic Internet advertise impressive speed and reliability, but the delivery is very different.

A 5G or “Fifth Generation mobile network” uses wireless communication technology to deliver services to your mobile device, home, or business.

Fibre-optic Internet transmits data through light pulses along a glass or plastic fibre, typically connecting to a specific location at your home or business. A fibre-optic (or copper) Internet connection from CityWest is wired all the way through our network to your property.


Benefits of a Fibre-Optic Connection over 5G 

Because the delivery of CityWest fibre-optic and copper services is a fully wired experience, your connection is not susceptible to wireless interference outside of your home or business.

Fibre-optic networking is the answer to the increased demands for speed and reliability. Here are the benefits we can experience when switching to fibre-optic Internet.  

  • Speed: Fibre-optic connections offer more dependable and consistent Internet connectivity with the ability for faster speeds, even during peak usage. 
  • Reliability: A fibre-optic connection can support many devices at one time. Because you have a direct connection to your home or business, you will receive a consistent experience.
  • No data caps: All CityWest Internet products come with the security of no data caps! You’ll never have to worry about your usage with CityWest Internet, regardless of your connection type.


In-Home Services

Once your home or business is connected, you have the option to connect your devices to the Internet with a wireless or hardwired connection. For customers wishing to only use hardwired devices, we can disable wireless capabilities upon request.

CityWest offers fast, reliable Internet through different technologies. For our new projects, we focus on fibre-optic services. This type of connection provides a dedicated line for each address, resulting in fast speeds and reliable service.