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This page will provide you with CityWest updates on COVID-19 and resources to help you with your services during this pandemic.

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  • What are CityWest employees doing during the pandemic?

  • Will a technician enter my house or business for an install or trouble ticket?

  • Is CityWest Still Doing Installs?

  • Is CityWest deferring payments?

  • Now that your storefronts are closed, how can I pay?

The Social Distance

Stay informed on COVID-19 with our daily program on CityWest Community Television. Airing weekdays at 12pm and 7pm. Learn more about CityWest Community Television by clicking here.

Free TV Previews

Many of our TV providers are offering free previews of their channels. Explore something new. See channel descriptions here.



 Makeful 148
 BBC Earth  286
 Smithsonian  287
 CBC News  57, 280
 CTV News 56 
 Sportsman  132, 495
 Wild Pursuit  134
 Hollywood Suite 575, 576. 577, 578 
 Showcase 18, 261 


18, 261

 W 54, 117 
HGTV 46, 290
Food 44, 291 
History 15, 289 
Adult Swim 155 
National Geographic 101, 263 
Disney Channel 217, 317 
 YTV 53