Customer Journey

When we expand to a new community, many steps are involved to ensure that we provide our new customers with the best possible experience. This page explains the different steps involved in launch a new CityWest community.

For a more detailed explanation of our steps, please expand the list of steps at the bottom of this page.

Interested in signing up for services? Click here to see if your location is in a serviceable area. Please note that not every residence and business in a selected community may be eligible for fibre-optic services.

Customer Journey - Full Size
  • Step 1 - Design & Permitting

  • Step 2 - Civil Construction

  • Step 3 - Fibre Optic Cable Installation

  • Step 4 - Fibre Optic Cable Splicing

  • Step 5 - Customer Sign-Up

  • Step 6 - In-Home Fibre Installation

  • Step 7 - Backbone & Connected Coast

  • Step 8 - Services Go Live