Dropping In

CityWest is dropping in to your community!

CityWest is expanding across British Columbia, and we’re looking forward to providing services to customers all over the province! We’ll be bringing many new customers high-speed Internet, TV, and phone services over fibre-to-the-home technology.

As part of the construction phase of our projects, we will need to install an underground “drop” – which is a buried fibre-optic cable that runs from the street to your premises.

If your community is on the drop-down menu below, and you would like to grant permission to CityWest and its contractors to perform underground work on your property, please fill in the form below. We will be undertaking some trenching work on your property to reach your home from the street. Once we complete the work, we will return all ground disturbances in your lawns and/or gardens back to their original condition.

While you are not under any obligation to subscribe to CityWest services now or in the future, this current underground work is being provided free of charge for the initial stages of construction. If you decide later that you would like services installed, there will be a construction charge.

Please watch the video below for a brief overview of how an underground drop is installed.

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Please note that not every residence and business in a selected community may be eligible for fibre-optic services. 

If you have any questions about our projects, please visit the Connected Coast website here: https://connectedcoast.ca/home-connections-faqs/