Maintenance & Outages
We will update any unplanned outages as soon as possible.

If you experience issues with your services after the maintenance window please contact technical support at 1-800-442-8664.

Type Affected Areas   Affected Services  Date & Duration
Southern B.C.  Fibre cut due to landslide All Communities  Customers may experience slower Internet speeds. No ETA for restoration. Technicians are still waiting for site access.

Updates on this outage:
12/01/2021  3 PM PST 

Field teams have advised that repairs have been completed and tested on several damaged segments of fibre. 

There is one more damaged area to be repaired before services are fully restored. The last segment will take longer to access.

11/30/2021  3 PM PST  Restoration efforts are still underway. Due to risk of rock and mudslides the field teams have been called back temporarily. 
11/30/2021  8:30 AM PST Railroad and infrastructure repairs are ongoing. 
 11/29/2021 9 AM PST Railroad and infrastructure repairs are ongoing. 
 11/26/2021 3 PM PST  Field teams have identified 3 major areas of damage. They are still working on safely gaining access to begin repairs. 
 11/25/2021 9 AM PST  Railroad and infrastructure repairs will continue today. 
 11/24/2021 3 PM PST  Railroad repairs are underway and nearing completion. We have still not been given a timeline for the fibre repair. 
 11/23/2021 4 PM PST  Infrastructure repairs are ongoing, but the process has slowed due to poor weather conditions. 
 11/22/2021 1 PM PST  Technicians in the area have not been granted site access at this time. Repairs to infrastructure across southern BC are ongoing and no one has been able to access the slide site until other repairs have been completed.
 11/15/2021 11:15 AM PST We have been informed of a fibre cut near Lytton, BC. This may cause customers to experience slower Internet speeds.