Community Spirit Generates a $17,605 Donation to Shames Mountain

Posted: April 05, 2017

TERRACE – When Kieran Campbell heard about CityWest’s “Double Your Donation” campaign for Shames Mountain, he brought it to the attention of the Mount Remo Backcountry Society, of which he is a member.

They agreed that it looked like a good opportunity for a return on investment, so, on March 27, they handed over a cheque for $5,000. That donation, combined with over $7,600 collected from other organizations and individuals, allowed CityWest to donate $5,000 through the terms of its campaign. The total donation of $17,605 was presented to My Mountain Co-op at a small ceremony today.

“Shames is hugely important to people in this part of the world,” said Campbell. “I know there’s probably a lot people who wouldn’t stay here if not for Shames. It just made sense to make the donation.”

And he wasn’t the only one. On top of a $1,000 from Loaded Sports in Prince Rupert, another $3,400 in donations came in from people who dropped the donation off to the My Mountain Co-op office, which runs the mountain, in Terrace. There was also over $1,500 in donations that came in over the CityWest website, and from donors who visited the Prince Rupert and Terrace offices. And there was over $1,600 that came from the “Dog Cookie Project,” organized by someone who makes dog cookies and donates the proceeds to the mountain.

“This donation shows how big Shames is in the lives of people who live in Northern B.C.,” said Chris Marett, CEO of CityWest and himself an avid boarder. “So many people in the communities we serve value the ski hill, and we’re proud to pass along their donations to My Mountain Co-op.”

The donation will go towards the purchase of a new snowcat, which will groom runs, build roads, and clear lift lines in a more safe and efficient manner. “We get donations every day, and we heard from some of our donors that they wanted to make sure their donations were doubled through CityWest,” said April Rivard, the administrator with My Mountain Co-op Shames Mountain. “So we were more than happy to donate over $3,400 to CityWest’s campaign.”

The total breakdown of donations is as follows:

  • $5,000 from CityWest
  • $5,000 from Mount Remo Backcountry Society
  • $1,681 from the “Dog Cookie Project”
  • $1,000 from Loaded Sports
  • $3,416 from direct donations to My Mountain Co-op
  • $1,508 from CityWest customers
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