Quantum Internet

Plan Price Modem Rental (optional) Download Speed Upload Speed Monthly Data Included  Available on
Quantum 50 $95 $5.00 Up to 50 Mbps Up to 5 Mpbs No limits! Coax, Fibre, Wireless
Quantum 125 $125 Included Up to 125 Mbps Up to 10 Mbps No limits! Coax, Fibre, Wireless
 Quantum 100 Symmetrical $130  Not required1 Up to 100 Mbps  Up to 100 Mbps  No limits!  Fibre only 
 Quantum 275 $150  Included  Up to 275 Mbps  Up to 25 Mbps  No limits!  Coax, Fibre
 Quantum 500  $175  Not required1 Up to 500 Mbps   Up to 250 Mbps No limits!  Fibre only

1Fibre customers do not require a modem.

Small business wifi service available for $5/month, which includes the cost of a router. For more information on this reliable and resilient service, click here.

Quantum Internet usage is subject to the CityWest Acceptable Use Policy.

If you require a Static IP Address, please inquire for rates.

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