Calling Features

At CityWest we offer many calling features so you can customize your phone experience.

For instructions on how to use each feature, check out our support section.

Feature Description Price
Voicemail Take your messages at any time, whether you're away from your phone or already on the line. $4.95
3-way calling & call transfer Transfer a call to someone else, or talk to two other people in the same call $4.00
Call Display See the name & number of your incoming caller, requires display screen $7.95
Call Waiting A tone will notify you of a second caller when you’re on the phone $4.00
Caller ID Block Block the display of your name & number to the person you’re calling Free
Call Guard Restrict outgoing calls from your line. PIN required to dial restricted numbers $4.00
Call Trace Trace the last person who called you. Only released to appropriate officials Free
Anonymous Call Rejection*  Automatically rejects calls from numbers withholding identification.  Free 
Selective Call Rejection Blocks specified phone numbers $4.00
Automatic Recall Tells you the last number to call you $4.00
Call Forwarding Forwards all calls $4.00
Distinct Ring Add another phone number, with a distinct ring $6.00
Ring Again Allows you to automatically redial a busy number $4.00

 Voicemail to Email*  Sends voicemails to your email inbox as an MP3 file  $1.00
*Not available over twisted pair.
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