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At CityWest we strive to provide you with the best customer experience every day. That's why we're extending a great deal to new customers - on top of our regular bundle savings, you'll receive an additional $7.50 off each service for 3 months when you sign up to a CityWest bundle plan, up to $22.50 a month! This deal is also available to our existing customers who move into one of our new bundle plans.

The best part is, no contract is necessary. It's just our way of welcoming you as a CityWest customer, and thanking our existing customers for their loyalty.

We invite you to contact us today and discover what other great deals we have for our customers. Call 1-800-442-8664, or email

Terms & Conditions
Offer is available to new residential customers; it is also available to existing customers who are adding more services to their plan, or who do not currently subscribe to a new bundle plan.
Customers must subscribe to one of CityWest's residential bundle plans to be eligible for the deal. Talk to a customer service representative for more information

$Up to 22.50/mo
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