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The Free Previews below are available to CityWest TV subscribers during the preview period. To add a channel to your TV package contact us today.

Notice: Beginning in 2024 - Free TV Previews will only be available to CityWest Stream TV customers. Contact us today for information on how to switch your TV services over to Stream TV.

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Currently Available Free TV Previews

Digital & Optical Channel 53,98 | Stream TV Channel 294
Free Preview Available: December 1st - December 31st



Digital & Optical Channel 38 | Stream TV Channel 384
Free Preview Available:December 1st - December 31st



Hollywood Suite
Stream TV Channel: 540-543 | Digital & Optical TV Channels 575-578
Free Preview Available:December 1st - January 5th


Previous Free TV Previews 

Food Network Canada
Digital & Optical Channel 44,291 | Stream TV Channel 301
Free Preview Available: November 1st - November 30th



Digital & Optical Channel 18,261 | Stream TV Channel 500
Free Preview Available: November 1st - November 30th



W network
W Network
Digital & Optical Channel 54,117 | Stream TV Channel 320,321
Free Preview Available: November 1st - November 30th


Upcoming Free TV Previews 

CTV Comedy, Drama, Life, Sci-Fi
Stream TV Channels  388/389, 356, 303, 357
Free Preview Available: December 21st - January 9th













To be eligible for free channel previews, subscribers must be subscribed to one of CityWest's current Digital or Optical TV packages. Customers on older packages will not receive free previews.