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Symmetrical Internet Packages - Fibre Only

All of our Quantum Internet packages come with the security of no data caps. Right now we are offering our fibre customers an upgrade to any of our Symmetrical Internet packages at no extra cost for 2 months! 

Get fast download and upload speeds with our Symmetrical packages:

Plan Regular Price Download Speed Upload Speed Monthly Data Included
Quantum 100 Symmetrical $88 Up to 100 Mbps  Up to 100 Mbps  No limits! 
Quantum 500 Symmetrical $108 Up to 500 Mbps Up to 500 Mbps No limits!
Quantum Gigabit Symmetrical $138 Up to 1,000 Mbps Up to 1,000 Mbps No limits!


What is Symmetrical Internet?
Symmetrical Internet provides the user with identical upload and download speeds to accomplish many common upload-heavy tasks like video conferencing, posting content to social media, uploading files, cloud-based services, and online gaming. Not only does Symmetrical Internet allow you to have faster upload and download speeds at the same time, but it also increases the quality of streamed videos, provides a much more reliable Internet connection, and allows for multiple devices to connect to your network at once.

Prices are even lower when you purchase Quantum Internet in a bundle. Symmetrical plans require a fibre connection. 

After the two-month promotional period, customers that downgrade their services are not eligible for this offer until six (6) months after their previous promotion has expired. Internet usage is subject to the CityWest Acceptable Use Policy.

Level up your Internet!
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