Stream TV Box Rental

At CityWest we aim to provide a great experience to our customers every day. That's why we're making it even easier to subscribe to our Stream TV services! Customers can now receive up to 2 discounted set top box rentals on a 2 year commitment to Stream TV services.

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Stream TV Set Top Box Rental

Regular Rental price: $7.50/month

Contract Rental price: $4/month

To be eligible for this deal, customers will need to commit to two years with one of CityWest's Stream TV packages.

If you are interested in CityWest Stream TV services, or are already a subscriber today, we invite you to contact us! Discover the rewards of being a loyal CityWest customer. Call 1-800-442-8664, or email

Terms & Conditions

Offer is available to residential TV customers only. To be eligible customer must subscribe to a current Stream TV package. If customer cancels service within the commitment period, a penalty will be charged of $20 per month, multiplied by the number of months remaining in the commitment. If the customer moves out CityWest's service area, the contract is considered void and a penalty will not be charged. Equipment remains the property of CityWest during and after the completion of the contract.

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