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Learn about how CityWest is partnering with the communities we serve.
communities on Haida Gwaii receiving a share of the new company's profits. The new fibre-to-the-home network will be owned by the Haida Nation, and powered by CityWest fibre-optic services, project between Hartley Bay and Kitamaat Village, as well as providing last mile fibre-to-the-home, -to-the-home network will be owned by the Nuxalk Nation, and powered by CityWest fibre-optic services, CityWest Communications Corp., which will operate a new fibre-optic network in Lax Klan (Kitkatla
CityWest Celebrates Another Year of Expansion & Growth with Distribution Payment
PRINCE RUPERT – On Monday, Dec. 3, CityWest presented its sole shareholder, the City of Prince Rupert, with a $400,000 distribution payment, after another year of expansion and growth. “This payment is the outcome of the decisions we’ve made over the past few years,” said Chris Marett, CEO of CityWest. “We are seeing great results in our Bulkley Valley markets, where we built fibre-to-the-home, in an increase in customers and revenue. The company has also deployed fibre-to-the-home technology
CityWest Launches Gigabit Internet Service
to all residential customers who have access to fibre-to-the-home technology. “We’re happy that we, , only customers on fibre will have access to the higher speed. Quantum Gigabit will give customers, , and put more smart devices on their home network. It is also 20 times faster than the federal
CityWest CEO announces his departure from company
success.” During his tenure, Marett was instrumental in making fibre-to-the-home expansion possible, responsible for finding the financial means to expand fibre-to-the-home services into Prince Rupert
Haida Gwaii North
! We're launching fibre-optic services on February 15th in both communities. CityWest services, , and reliable home phone services. For instructions on setting up your Stream TV services, click here. If you have CityWest equipment in your home, please ensure that it is plugged in. Once your, Nation, Old Massett Band Council, and Skidegate Band Council to deliver fibre-optic services throughout
Governments of Canada and British Columbia invest over $3 million to bring high-speed Internet to more than 800 households$3-million-to-bring-high-speed-internet-to-more-than-800-households
communities in northern British Columbia. These last-mile fibre-to-the-home projects will provide residents, Cable and Telephone Corporation to more than 800 underserved homes in five communities across British
CityWest Begins “dropping in” to Communities Across Haida Gwaii
fibre optic cable installed directly to their home. “The expansion of Internet services to Haida, , customers on Haida Gwaii will have access to fibre-to-the-home services when the Connected Coast project, education, and deliver e-health services, all while staying at home.” As part of the expansion
Connected Coast Project Arrives at Hartley Bay
fibre-to-the-home services in the community of Hartley Bay. This unique partnership structure, HARTLEY BAY – The Connected Coast project continues to lay fibre-optic cables across Northern B.C., . The project has now reached the remote village of Hartley Bay with over 250 kilometres of subsea fibre, the use of the Gitga’at Transporter and the Ocean Destiny in laying the submerged fibre for a number, though best in class Internet connectivity.” After hitting the 50km milestone in late January, fibre
Denman Island
! This year, we will be bringing beta test customers online with fibre-optic services on Denman Island. If you've had CityWest equipment installed in your home or business before being activated, use, of HD channels so you can customize your own TV package Reliable home phone services with multiple add, CityWest equipment in your home, please ensure that it is plugged in. Once your router has been
Lax Klan Contest
with fast, reliable services through our fibre-optic network. We look forward to the opportunities this advanced connectivity will bring to the people who call Lax Klan their home. We appreciate all, interested in receiving information on? Fibre-Optic InternetStream TVHome Phone, Communications Corp., which will operate a new fibre-optic network in Lax Klan (Kitkatla