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To provide our customers with a new and improved wireless experience on Wi-Fi 6, we are introducing the Gigaspire. Our fibre-optic customers will receive the ultimate Wi-Fi 6 connection with our Gigaspire that delivers faster speeds and better coverage throughout your home.


Gigaspires are now CityWest’s modernized premise equipment in all our fibre-optic communities. The Gigaspire replaces your traditional modem, router, and Wi-Fi enhancer, as it is built with all necessary features combined into the one ultimate product.

Having a Gigaspire will enhance your Internet connection by allowing up too 1,000Mbps of symmetrical upload and download speeds! Built for the modern home with multiple devices, our Gigaspire provides an extended range of coverage to ensure that all of your devices will connect from anywhere in the home. 

Did you know that our Gigaspire allows access to our advanced HomeNet features? Take a look at our HomeNet page that provides more information on staying connected and protected with our HomeNet app and Wi-Fi 6. 


To learn more about our Gigaspire with Wi-Fi 6 or HomeNet, call us at