Email Setup

Please note that Citytel email support is very limited due to it being a legacy system and that we highly recommend upgrading to a CityWest email address.

Setting up your Email

Before you set up your email, make sure you are connected to the Internet and can go to websites.

It is recommended that all devices be configured using IMAP. Updates to email inboxes on devices will be automatically synced to other devices that have also been configured using IMAP. This guide will be used to install IMAP settings, not POP3 as updates made to email inboxes configured with POP3 are stored locally on the device and are not synchronized with other devices and deleted from the server when opened.


Androids that use the Gmail application as the default mail application work well for setting up email addresses. This is the best application to use for “” email addresses.

Other Android devices may have a default mail application where users will have to navigate to, then access the settings of the application where they can enter their information. It is usually identified by a mail icon.

Once in the application, under settings there is the option to add accounts. Following that there will be an “other” option among other email provider options. See configuration section for details on settings required.


In Apple phones, adding an email account to the default mail application must be done through the Settings section of the phone itself.

Current generations have a “mail” settings section, followed by an “account” section where new emails and configuration settings can be added and/or adjusted. In older generations, find the “account” section which can be clumped together with other options in the settings.

See configuration section for details on settings required.

Outlook 365:

Go to File

  • Under Account information, click the “Add Account” button
  • Under advanced options, select “let me set up my account manually”
  • Enter email address and then select IMAP.
  • Enter password and press connect. Then hit done.


Please see below IMAP settings for setting up manually if needed:


Protocol: IMAP

Port #: 993


Authentication/Security: SSL/TLS

*Username field requires your CityWest email address.

*Password field requires your email password



Protocol: SMTP (default)

Port #: 587


Authentication/Security: STARTTLS

*Username field requires your CityWest email address.

*Password field requires your email password


For legacy applications (windows mail, outlook express, etc.), please see the developer for additional information on how to set up email accounts.


Personal Settings:

If you would like to view or alter your personal account settings, visit our mailbox control centre. You can log into this page by entering your email address and your password from your CityWest email.

  • Using this page, you may Setup, modify, or delete your email account

Accessing your Email remotely:

Access your email through our online Webmail service. This service can be used when you are out of town or away from your computer. It has many of the same features as Outlook Express and is simple to use.

To use the service, you will need access to the Internet. Open a browser and type in the following at the address line:

If your email address is, click here to access

If your email address is, click here to access

Or go to our website’s homepage and select Webmail.

Login using the username and password you provided CityWest when you installed service.