Cloud DVR

A new TV experience has arrived with Cloud DVR from CityWest

Cloud DVR allows Optical TV subscribers to record up to 10 shows simultaneously and up to 400 hours of HD programming from any HD set-top box. You will no longer need a DVR to record your favourite shows.

Your Cloud DVR recordings are stored on our secure servers, ready to watch any time, on any set-top box in your home. Even if you get a new set-top box, your recordings are safe and secure!

And if you already bundle your CityWest services you can access this amazing feature with Cloud6 at no extra cost! To add Cloud DVR to your CityWest package, contact us or fill out the order form on this page.

PlanBundle PriceStandalone PriceSimultaneous RecordingsStorageHardware
Cloud6$0 $5Up to 6 shows200 hours of HD programmingAll HD boxes have access
Cloud10$5$10Up to 10 shows400 hours of HD programmingAll HD boxes have access

​If you already subscribe to Cloud DVR, below are the instructions on how to record

  1. Press the "record" button on your remote control
  2. The screen on the right will pop up
  3. Select one-time, series, or reminder as a recording option
  4. Ensure "cDVR" is selected in the "record on" menu
  5. Press "OK" on your remote control

It's that easy to access your recordings anytime, from any
set-top box in your home with no DVR required.

Cloud DVR is currently only available to customers with Optical TV services from CityWest. The amount of programming stored on your Cloud DVR may vary slightly. Cloud6 customers receive 500GB of storage. Cloud10 customers receive 1TB of storage.

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